What We Do

Our Mission: Improve Medical Study Planning, Design, Efficacy, and Collaboration

CureForge provides an online platform for optimizing medical study design, efficacy, and collaboration. Researchers can guarantee research excellence by using this platform right now.

Cure More Often, Cure Faster, and at Lower Costs?

This website is dedicated to greatly improving the odds for late-stage testing by improving medical study planning and design early on in the process. This can lower overall R&D costs for medical development by over $10B annually, which will have a direct impact on the costs to the consumer in a number of ways:

  • Cure More Often: Level the playing field by offering a free universal platform to foster research excellence (Free-Forge)
  • Cure Faster: Quicker to market cures for disease and illness (by optimizing “build-measure-learn” within medical innovation)
  • Lower Costs: Lower healthcare costs by the trickle down effect

Major pharmaceutical companies spend well over $2B each for medical trials each year, and late stage trials fail over 70% of time costing up to $100M per trial.* Additionally, $3B of taxes are spent on funding trials, from which over 2/3 of those late-stage tax-funded studies fail.* Let’s fix that.

Free-Forge: Maximize the Return on your Research Investment

The distance to get a medical innovation to market may seem astronomical but it is given lightspeed with “free-forge”, a universal platform to foster research excellence. This helps aid researchers and scientists in their efforts to design standards-compliant trials, with the appropriate preparatory work, and testing the most curative protocols possible.

Cure-Forge: Assistance with Research Design, Administration, and Execution

Need help identifying medical integrations that will hedge your chances for success? Need prior art research to also hedge your chances for success and not reinvent the wheel? Need to ensure your study meets ideal standards for study design optimization? Need to ensure proper double blindness? Please see our professional services and upgrade membership plans.

  • Success-Hedging Integrations
  • Prior-art Research
  • Standards Compliance Assistance, Validation, and Endorsement (we are laying the formulaic groundwork for validating and endorsing the objectivity and research-design excellence of any study)
  • DoubleBlind and Other Study Administration Services

Add Rigor and Collaborative Participation Like Never Before

Get all your team members on the same page. Have a home base to send potential team members, investors, advisors, and partners. Add movies, images, and other media. Share it privately, or share it with the world.

Keep Your Study Private or Public (we won’t share anything unless you say otherwise)

You study will remain as confidential as you desire. Our encryption engine is still under development, so if you want the details encrypted we recommend that you keep those details confidential (call it experimental group X instead of providing the actual name of the treatment, or dosage X instead of actual dosings, for example).