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IVC plus AspirinABSTRACT: There are a number of seemingly serendipitous theoretical synergies between salicylic acid and vitamin …2019/01/29Institutional Researcher2019-01-29 05:11:06
IVC to prevent hairloss during chemoABSTRACT: Determine how effective intravenous vitamin C is at preventing hairloss while undergoing conventional chemotherapy. …2019/01/18Institutional Researcher2019-01-18 20:16:46
BASIC: Biopsy Analysis for Selective Inhibitors of CancerABSTRACT: Test live biopsy specimens against an array of cancer-selective chemo-effective agents, as a predictive …2019/01/11Institutional Researcher2019-01-11 02:11:53
CLAIM (Continuous Low-dose Alimentary Intravenous Micronutrient) Same-day Therapy for Head InjuryABSTRACT: Traumatic Brain Injury is the leading cause of death in individuals under the age …2019/01/03Institutional Researcher2019-01-03 04:38:18
Anti-addiction Intravenous Micronutrient (AIM) TherapyABSTRACT: Ascertain the de-addicting effects of continuous parenteral injection of specific micronutrients that have demonstrated …2019/01/01Uncategorized2019-01-01 01:03:26
test studyMETHODS: inject substance x OBSERVATION OBJECTIVES: measure substance x2017/12/01Uncategorized2017-12-01 19:29:48
Preliminary Blood Serum, QOL, and Functional Test Analysis for “24/7” or “SOAK” IVC (Continuous Low Millimolar IVC for Up to 14 Days)METHODS: Deliver 2g/hr, 24 hr/day, 7 days/week, for 1 week, for at least 2 normal (non-cancerous, moderately healthy) adults of average …2017/11/17Uncategorized2017-11-17 04:09:40